Innsbruck- hip City in the alps

This place has elevation of almost 600m and the mountains around are almost 2.500m. It’s a fusion of history and modern life at the same place, it’s a big city in between the alps, well-known for its medical technology and their university. People from all over the world come to this city to work, study, for leisure and to live there.

I’m talking about Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria’s 5th biggest city. And for sure this city is always good for a trip or a stop-over. And of course of its international guests it offers historical places and buildings, some cozy bars and restaurants, classy hotels and a posh nightlife.

In case you know Innsbruck very well ,I recommend to you to a new restaurant in the historical old-town, just a stone’s throw away from the famous ‘Goldenes Dachl ‘. Here you’ll find a cozy restaurant with a small menu of extra-ordinary dishes. ‘Die Wilderin’ invites you to her hidden restaurant and spoils you with an attentive and friendly service.

Their menu is small but elaborated; besides beef (Sprinzen) they offer beef from deer’s and rabbits. And what you rarely find on menus from restaurants are beef from horses (Haflinger).

Bergisel Tower & Innsbruck

In this casual place you’ll find some tables to dine, however, its recommended to make a reservation in advance to get a table because as a walk-in guest it can be that they place you at the piano. So enjoy this restaurant of an another type.

Bergisel, Ski Jumping Tower

Innsbruck was twice Olympic city, 1964 and 1976. The icon of these Olympic winter games is the stadium with its ski-jumping arena ‘Bergisel’. Since a couple of years the area is 365days open for visitors, groups, meetings and gatherings (except the days they have sport events in the stadium). You enter the stadium from the visitors center parking and immediately you are standing in the stadium and look up from where the ski-jumpers come. It’s really hard to describe how vertical it looks, but you get the impression that it is too vertical to walk, even to ski. A cog railway brings you up to the ground of the tower; there you change into an elevator which lifts you up another 50m to the top. A few steps to walk and you enjoy the amazing panorama from the visitors terrace, looking downwards the ski-jumping tower, you see the 28.000 capacity big stadium, have a look at Innsbruck and the Karvendel mountains.

Bergisel Olympic Stadium, Innsbruck, Tyrol-Austria

One floor down is a public restaurant to enjoy a cup of coffee and some delicious food they serve. Bergisel is a stop you should definitely make when you visit Innsbruck.

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