Enamorado de La Habana

This city is a real gem of the Caribbean. It seems like pirates left it on the island of Cuba as a treasure when they had to be on the prowl. I’m in Havanna (Habana), Cuba’s capital. Just for a few hours as I reached by a cruise ship at the harbor. The cruise terminal is just across the street to the old town on this impressive city on this Caribbean island. Immediately you cross the street to the old town ,a picturesque charm touches me and pulls me into the small streets with a Spanish architecture which fights against environmental influences and of course centuries where no one invested in renovations. But this imperfectnes gives Havanna a unique flair. All over you find warm-hearted and kind locals, always willing to help you to find directions.

As I mentioned, my timeframe in Havanna was limited to 29 hours, for a better orientation Ruslan, a local guide, took me around to the most important points of interest. The old town is full of history combined with modern life, hardworking people who earn the income for a whole family and rich western tourists in chic and expensive hotels. Kids playing in school uniforms on a square during their break time and Something fascinating was a fresh delivery to the butchery,a guy had two headless pigs on a wheelbarrow. Cuban mamas in traditional dresses requested for photos, at every second corner someone asked me if I wanted to buy rum or cigars. And of course we came along some nice traditional bars, half deteriorated churches and lots of classical cars as taxis. This city is a throwback into a period of time which is mystic and confused by politics, historical reality and social lives.

All the time I felt safe ,secure,friendly people often smiling and help when I asked for orientation when I went on my own at night to a Salsa club ,as well as the next morning in smaller streets of the old town. This short visit was fun and felt like coming back again for longer.

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