Fanø – a Danish gem

Travelling to the Danish North Sea coast during the winter season of course it’s a bit unusual; however it has its charm to breathe the clear and fresh air, to take a walk on empty beaches and to enjoy the friendly Nordic people.My trip brought me to Esbjerg, Denmark. Esbjerg is at the southeast of Denmark and belongs to the province of Jutland. Because of the harbor of Esbjerg, which is the most important Danish North Sea harbor, Esbjerg is popular . From the harbor, 2 – 3 times per hour ferries operate from the mainland to the beautiful island of Fanoe. The Connection took about 12 minutes and during this time of the year not so many vehicles are using it, so there was no need of pre-booking. The ferry reaches the town of Nordby which by the way is the biggest town of the island. To give you an idea, this island is just 14km long; at the south end you find the second biggest village called Soenderho, where you can easily access the fine sandy beaches of the western coast.

Sandy Beaches at Soenderho (r)

At these southwest end of Fanoe its just about 50km away from the German island of Sylt. Beside a paved road which connects Nordby and Soenderho, it is allowed to drive at low tide between Rindby and Soederho at the sandy beach. I am sure during Summer these beaches are crowded with families but now there are just a few day visitors and locals, going for a walk whilst enjoying the windy air. I took a walk when the tide was low on the wide beach, through the dunes with its marram grasses. I breathed in this air which was a bit salty and smelt fishy.

Man Meets the Sea sculpture, Esbjerg (r)

Not so many stores and restaurants were opened, so I decided to use the ferry back to the mainland. Reaching the mainland I drove about 4km from the harbor to the sculptures of “Man Meets the Sea”, four, nine meter high white men are stoically overlooking the entrance of Esbjerg harbor .


Well, Nordic days in winter season are short of daylight, for that I headed back to the city center of Esbjerg. I found a typical “Jensen’s bofhus” as steakhouses are called here. You can find “Jensen’s” in other locations i.e. Denmark or Sweden. It was a good choice and interestingly, they normally serve popcorns on every table while you check the menu. Besides steaks and meat they offer variety of fish dishes at affordable prices.

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